Darrah Selanders

Sales Representative

RE/MAX A C A Realty (Carstairs)

Making Small-Town Dreams Come True

About Darrah Selanders

I help residential and commercial buyers, sellers, investors, and business owners make their small-town dreams come true.
My focus is on Carstairs, my hometown, and all the small towns and cities in the area. Being a REALTOR here will always be my #1 career passion.
I love working with seniors in transition and make every effort to connect with them before all the stresses overwhelm them (ask me about Kitchen Table Talks). It's never too early to reach out about a potential move.
I also love working with folks from out of town who lean on my intimate knowledge of the areas to make the right decision for their new neighborhood.
It's a blast working with local friends and neighbors who are moving up or moving down within town or are taking a big leap of faith out of the area.

I was born and raised in Carstairs and am raising my two daughters here as well. Engaging in the community is very important. I've been an active member of the Chamber of Commerce incl. a number of executive board positions. I've participated in the rodeo committee. I regularly attend town council meetings and currently sit on both the Town of Carstairs and the Mountain View County Municipal Planning Commissions. With my kids, I do a lot of fundraising and extra-curricular activities in their school and clubs.

I am a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur & real estate investor. My portfolio includes Carstairs Mini Storage, consulting business, leased commercial building on Main St Carstairs, and a growing number of residential rentals.
Don't recreate the wheel, I enjoy sharing my challenges and successes.

I look forward to meeting with you!